Overdrive Adds Kindle Support


Overdrive, the largest distributor of ebooks to public and school libraries, announced today that they have now added Amazon’s Kindle to their list of supported devices. The change will greatly increase the visibility of library ebook lending among ebook users, but the change is making some publishers nervous. I still personally prefer devices that support the open ePub standard rather than Amazon’s proprietary format, but this will, at least, now prevent having to break the bad news to patrons they they won’t be able to borrow ebooks on their shiny new Kindle.

Language Arts through Roleplaying


This year at Barrington Middle School, language arts teacher Larry Graykin is using the conventions and imagery of fantasy roleplaying games to engage students in the learning process. You can listen to a brief interview with Graykin on NPR’s All Things Considered and visit his class website to see what he’s up to. Via The Escapist.

Review: Bitter Seeds

Bitter Seeds

Bitter Seeds
Ian Tregillis
Tor, 2010

Pretty much anything Cory Doctorow recommends ends up sooner or later on my to-read list. He doesn’t often steer me wrong, and this book was no different: Bitter Seeds is a novel about an alternate World War II, in which a Nazi project to endow its agents with X-men-like superpowers is pitted against a secret division of the British military comprising a cabal of British warlocks. The premise sounds like something that, in less skillful hands, could end up cringeworthily silly, but Tregillis delivers an engaging, moving story of humanity and sacrifice amid the moral ambiguities of war.

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