Reviews: Shambling Towards Hiroshima, Raising Stony Mayhall

Shambling Towards HiroshimaA Hugo Award nominee for Best Novella and winner of the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, Shambling Towards Hiroshima by James Morrow is framed as the memoir and extended suicide note of Syms Thorley, B-movie actor. Having achieved cult fandom in horror circles for his role as the Frankensteinian Corpuscula and the mummy Kha-Ton-Ra, Thorley is recruited toward the end of World War II for a top secret US Navy project: the Navy has been breeding massive fire-breathing lizards, and they intend to convince a group of Japanese ambassadors of the utility of surrender with a demonstration of the lizards’ destructive power in miniature.

If Thorley, with a rubber lizard suit and miniature Japanese metropolis, can terrify the Japanese into surrender, he will put an end to a bloody war and avert a tragic demonstration of that other top-secret US project, the atomic bomb. What follows is a darkly humorous, satirical, and sometimes touching treatment of people trying to carry on as normal in a time of violent international conflict. A quick, entertaining, but nonetheless thought-provoking read with hints of Catch 22 and Slaughterhouse Five. Continue reading Reviews: Shambling Towards Hiroshima, Raising Stony Mayhall

Day Against DRM

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing that it’s International Day Against DRM because DRM still hasn’t exactly made it into common parlance. But it’s been kinda big in the news the last week or so since the science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor/Forge announced that their ebooks will be going DRM free this July. The Library Renewal blog has a good roundup of links about the announcement and the response around the web.