Great Library Ideas: Digital Media Lab at Skokie Public

Digital media labs are popping up at several public libraries across the country, but the lab at the public library in Skokie, a suburb of Chicago, provides a great example. The digital media lab at Skokie includes the basic equipment and software patrons need for graphic design, digital photography, audio and video recording, and more.

So why does this fall under the remit of the public library? This slideshow by Skokie Public Library’s Richard Kong explains quite a bit, but my take, in a nutshell, is that public libraries exist in large part to encourage innovation, creativity, and lifelong learning, and many individuals simply lack the means to acquire the equipment and software needed to learn skills for digital content creation. Resources like public digital media labs could go a long way toward providing those opportunities and bridging economic divides.

2 thoughts on “Great Library Ideas: Digital Media Lab at Skokie Public”

  1. Love this idea. I’ve known a few schools to put their librarians in charge of more of the media/video/audio productions things and allow students to rent devices for projects or even just for personal projects. This is why the whole “are libraries obsolete?” question is ridiculous.

  2. Hi Brian!

    Thanks for the kind words about our Digital Media Lab. We’re continuing to grow the project, offering new equipment, software, and instruction. One of our ongoing initiatives focuses on sharing content created in the DML. It’s our hope that by giving users a platform with which to showcase their works, we’ll get a snowball effect of people coming in and creating more stuff. Maybe it’ll even get people working together.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the post.
    Toby Greenwalt
    Virtual Services Coordinator, Skokie Public Library

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