The MAKESHOP learning space

There was a great interview posted earlier today on the MAKE blog with Lisa Brahms and Adam Nye from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh discussing the MAKESHOP learning space at CMP where kids and adults can experiment with various DIY skills like electronics, sewing, and woodworking.

Libraries get a passing mention as centers for informal learning, and there’s a lot public libraries could learn from CMP’s program. The MAKESHOP Show website, also mentioned in the interview, has several DIY craft ideas that could make for some awesome library programming.

Review: Marceline and the Scream Queens #1

I have always wanted to rock.

Circumstances, of course, conspired against me — I grew up in the beatless backwater of the Spokane Valley, I was just a few years too old to latch on to the whole Riot Grrrl thing, and the few boyfriends I had were sorely lacking in guitarsĀ or drum kits.

But now there is Marceline. With her pale blue skin, cute (but sharp!) vampire teeth and an ever-swirling cloud of inky black hair, Marceline (of Adventure Time fame and star of her own new comic series) gets to live out every guitar-thrashing fantasy I’ve ever had. Playing to a sold out crowd? Check. Kicking over mic stands amid sweet, pyrotechnic excess? Check. Having a frenemy come crawling back to say “your music is pure passion and energy and love?” Check, check, check.

Everything about this comic is endearing and feisty and girly-in-the-best-kind-of-way. I love the interaction between grumpy, excitable Marceline and straight arrow, goody-two-shoes Princess Bubblegum. It’s refreshing to read girl-centered comics, and it’s great fun to see a supporting character from one series step into the limelight in another. More, please!