TableTop Day is this Saturday

It’s been about a year since the launch of the YouTube channel TableTop, created by Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and friends, and to celebrate, they’ve declared this Saturday, March 30th, International TableTop Day, with sponsors such as Days of Wonder, Mayfair Games, Steve Jackson Games, and Wizards of the Coast.

Check out the official site to find a local gaming event. Also, go read Board Game Quest’s recommendations of what to play on TableTop Day.

The Monday MOOC: Gender Through Comics

Higher ed has been going nuts for Massive Open Online Courses (including a fair bit of handwringing over the future of traditional education), so I decided to dive in myself by enrolling in Gender Through Comic Books.

And I hope to start a new, hopefully weekly, series of posts highlighting MOOCs that might appeal to Nerdbrarian readers. Not that I’m going to take them all the courses myself. I’ll be lucky if I have the time to blog about ’em.

In any case, there’s a list of the recommended reading for the course on Comixology and a suitably cheesy video teaser up on YouTube. The class kicks off next week on April 2nd.

Great Library Ideas: The Artist-Curated Book Display

Colorful PaletteI’ve seen some librarians put together awesome displays. Others, well, they’ve seemed a little more aesthetically challenged. I totally understand: librarians wear a lot of hats, and sometimes, the jaunty beret of the artist is just not one of them.

So, instead, why not reach out to local artists and get them to do displays for you? Win-win, you get an attractive display, and they level up on local notability. The Portsmouth Public Library in New Hampshire has been all over this, not only getting artists to do displays, but displaying their art in the library, doing public talks, the works. Awesome.

(Photo: Eric May)