Review: How to Fake a Moon Landing


In How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial, graphic novelist Darryl Cunningham presents an illustrated assault on the charlatans and demagogues who manipulate or deny scientific claims for their own gain.

In the chapters of How to Fake a Moon Landing, Cunningham takes on homeopathy, chiropractic, creationism, and other movements that defy the scientific worldview. A final chapter is dedicated to explaining why the self-correcting process of science provides us with a superior understanding of our world, and how science denialism can have disastrous effects.

Of course, Cunningham’s relatively slim graphic novel isn’t going to provide the level of detail found in a longer prose treatment, but for young adults and others curious about the subject, How to Fake a Moon Landing provides an entertaining and enlightening introduction. A bibliography suggests further reading for each chapter, with titles from authors like Richard Dawkins and Ben Goldacre.

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