The Monday MOOC: Social Issues Through Comic Books

Social Issues Through Comic BooksChristina Blanch, who brought you the Gender Through Comics MOOC I mentioned last year, has a new MOOC beginning March 10th, 2014. The six-month course, Social Issues Through Comic Books will be examining “topics such as social inequality, the environment, government intervention, addiction, and information privacy” through the lens of comics such as Scalped, Daredevil, and Swamp Thing.

And while I’m on the topic, a brief word about the recent reports that MOOCs are taken largely by people who already hold degrees and that only a relative handful of MOOC participants actually stick around to the end. To that I can say guilty on both counts: I already have four degrees, and I’ve never actually completed any of the MOOCs I’ve begun. But since I only ever thought of MOOCs as a bit of idle edutainment anyway, not a replacement for the structure and support that comes with formal education, I’m not really all that disappointed. But, you know, sad trombone noise for all the higher ed administrators who thought MOOCs could ratchet up their student-to-instructor ratio a thousandfold…

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