Nerdstarter: We’re going to need a bigger bookshelf

A few new RPGs on Kickstarter, all of which have reached their funding goals already and are working through the ol’ stretch goals: TimeWatch, by Kevin W. Kulp, is a game of investigative time travel based on the GUMSHOE system created by Robin Laws. It’s got four days left to go, with a lot of bonus stretch-goal content unlocked (including rules for playing as an alternate-timeline intelligent dinosaur, so, you know, get on that).

Twelve days left to go on indie RPG icon Will Hindmarch’s newest kickstarter, Project: Dark, a game focusing on stealth-based adventures but with enough flexibility to be played in a variety of settings. The default setting is the fantastical city of Saturnine, described as “a blend of Elizabethan London and medieval Constantinople,” but a couple setting supplements have been unlocked as stretch goals: Dark|Net, “a post-collapse dystopian future,” and Dark Planet, “an extrasolar colony world oppressed by an alien menace.” With hearty endorsements by both Wil Wheaton and Jason Morningstar, Project:Dark sounds like it ought to be good fun.

Finally, Paul Czege, author of the Diana-Jones-Award-winning indie RPG My Life with Master, has a new project on Kickstarter that’s already made its funding goal with twenty-five days remaining: The Clay That Woke is a game about a minotaur underclass in a human civilization. The setting information is intentionally sparse, but the artwork is pretty inspiring and the game mechanics look to be rather elegant. If My Life with Master is any indication, Czege’s newest is bound to be an intelligent and immersive game.

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