What’s right with kids these days?

Patriotic Teenagers

Photo Credit: Rebecca Schley, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I must be getting to that very special age when all my peers on Facebook begin to moan about how kids these days are swirling the bowl toward moral oblivion. And it makes me wonder if, of all the generalizations that one could possibly apply to Generation X, our having a short memory might turn out to be the most universally applicable.

So, why bring this up on a blog ostensibly about library-related matters? Because frankly, most of the handwringing assumptions about kids these days fall apart in the face of old-fashioned facts. And finding facts, that’s kind of a librarian’s jam.

Turns out, by a number of metrics, kids these days are actually much better off than they were a generation prior. No, seriously, kids today are less violent, less depressed, and less stupid about basic life decisions than they were twenty years ago. Continue reading What’s right with kids these days?