Hugo Recommendation Season: Cynthia Sheppard

It’s professional artist week at the Hugo Recommendation Season blog, and I admit I find it challenging to talk about art. I know what I like, but struggle to explain my reasons. Still, I’ll give it a try.

Cynthia Sheppard is one of the artists whose work caught my attention this year. Her cover art for Karen Memory, below, is probably the work that the most readers will have seen this year. She’s also done covers this year for The Iron Assassin by Ed Greenwood and the forthcoming A Daughter of No Nation by A. M. Dellamonica.

Karen Memory cover art

Sheppard has also done quite a bit of artwork for the Magic: The Gathering card game. Her 2015 work includes Reclusive Artificer, Emeria Shepherd, Send to Sleep, Lithomancer’s Focus, Youthful Scholar, Harsh Sustenance, and Transgress the Mind, the latter shown below.

Transgress the Mind
So what do I like about her work? In particular, I like Sheppard’s atmospheric palette choices and her ability to imply subtle detail with soft painterly brushstrokes. She also demonstrates quite a bit of versatility with well-composed action scenes like Transgress the Mind above, as well as static scenes like the Karen Memory cover.

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