Hugo Recommendation Season: Rhiannon Thomas

So, next week on the 2016 Hugo Recommendation Season blog is Best Fan Writer, and so far, my list of possible nominees is made up almost entirely of individuals who have been nominated in the past or who nearly made the cut for last year’s nominations.

I expect that most of them will show up in next week’s roundups, so rather than repeat those, I figured I’d recommend someone who hasn’t gotten as much buzz: Rhiannon Thomas blogs regularly at her website, Feminist Fiction, where she discusses movies, television, novels, and video games, mostly of the SF and fantasy variety.

Feminist Fiction

She approaches media from a feminist perspective, obviously, but her writing tends to be casual and accessible, avoiding overly academic arguments or specialized jargon. She also frequently discusses YA fiction – Thomas’ own debut YA novel was published earlier this year – which doesn’t otherwise tend to get much attention among the usual suspects for Best Fan Writer.

Some of her more popular posts this year, judging from the lively comment threads, include “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken: Why that scene made no sense,” “Ant Man and the problem of Marvel’s necessary women,”  and “How to be a female superhero according to Age of Ultron,” if you want a representative sample.

She’s not quite as prolific a blogger as most of the others on my list of potential nominees, but most of what she does write is substantive and very readable.

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