Version Control by Dexter Palmer

Version Control by Dexter PalmerI was well more than half way into Version Control, the second novel by Dexter Palmer, when I realized that very little had happened in the novel. But I also realized that I didn’t really mind either:

Sure, there’s something like a time machine (or rather, a causality violation device – the physicist inventor would very much prefer you not call it a time machine) and some barely near-future technology like self-driving cars. But these speculative elements take a back seat to story that is both deeply intelligent and deeply human, a vehicle that Palmer uses to voice all manner of witty observations on everything from social media, to race relations, to religious faith.

This isn’t a book that I can really do justice to in a brief review, so go check out the more competent reviews on NPR or Mashable, or better yet, just go read the novel itself. Easily one of the cleverest, most affecting books I’ve read in recent memory.

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