Gamify Everything with HabitRPG

Okay, gamer nerds, fess up, you’ve all found yourself, some late night or another, bleary-eyed and exhausted in front of the computer screen, and you’ve thought to yourself If I worked this hard at the rest of my life, I’d totally have my shit together. Well, HabitRPG might just be the kick in the codpiece you need, an online app that allows you to set goals and gain xp if you meet those goals, lose hit points if you don’t. And they have a current Kickstarter to add new features, debug the website, and develop a mobile app version.

Via LifeHacker.

Nerdstarter: The Funding

As much as I troll kickstarter lately searching for small-press RPGs to back, I figured I might as well make some use of my findings. So here’s what’s happening this week:

The seminal indie RPG Sorcerer is receiving an anniversary upgrade with annotations by the author Ron Edwards and new artwork. Only a few days left on this one, but it’s already made more than four times its goal, so might as well consider it a pre-order.

Fate Core will be the release in hardcopy of the updated FATE rules, a generic RPG system that inspired games from Spirit of the Century to Diaspora to The Dresden Files, and helped launch the indie RPG company Evil Hat. The FATE Kickstarter has already made nearly a hundred times its original goal, and when the project is completed, the pdf will be made available to everyone on a “pay what you like” basis.

Finally, the 70s RPG Tunnels and Trolls is headed toward a new edition. I’m not really an Old School Revival enthusiast myself, but, you know, different strokes. And I’m happy there are those out there keeping these things alive: Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe has already doubled its original Kickstarter goal, and for fourteen bones, you can get yourself in line for the PDF and keep the flame burning.

Hellmouth High: A Fiasco Playset

As part of my resurgent efforts to get regular content on this blog, I give unto you Hellmouth High, a Buffy-inspired playset for the Fiasco roleplaying game, created by yours truly (the playset, not the game, I mean). In other words, I had this kicking around on my hard drive from ages past and figured I might as well make some use of it. The game Fiasco has been mentioned before here when Wil Wheaton and friends did their awesome actual-play video. You can also clicky on the image below to view the pdf.

Thanks to the folks at Bully Pulpit Games for providing the template for creating this. Also, stay posted for my review of their newest game, Durance, whenever I can spare the time.

Edit: The playset has been updated to include a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. I forgot to add it first time around, but assume the earlier version can be likewise shared, hosted, remixed, whatever.

Gamifying YA reading with The Game of Books

Say what you will about bribing kids to read with extrinsic rewards, but I guarantee I would have been less of a slacker in high school had there been experience points and leveling up involved. The folks behind the book recommendation site have launched a kickstarter for a digital card game in which young readers earn points and badges for completing books. From the sound of it, the emphasis is on breadth of reading as much as volume, which I quite like. There’s a more detailed article over on Library Journal.

Wil Wheaton and friends play Fiasco

I’ve been meaning to review the game Fiasco, but Wil Wheaton has provided something much better: video of an actual game of Fiasco played with actor Alison Haislip, screenwriter John Rogers, and author Bonnie Burton, part of Wheaton’s Tabletop series. For those not already familiar with the game, Fiasco combines improvisation, collaborative storytelling, and randomly generated story elements to produce a Coen brothers-esque story about people with “powerful ambition and poor impulse control.” The game itself is available from Bully Pulpit Games.