The End is Nigh: Four Post-Apocalyptic Novels to Read Now

Midnight Special

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Recently wrote an article for the work blog with a few recommendations for 2015 post-apocalyptic novels:

As a kid, I spent quite a bit of time worrying about global nuclear annihilation. I was seven when the made-for-TV movie The Day After aired, too young to process much of the plot but old enough to remember the images of people being reduced to skeletal outlines by the flash of nuclear explosions. I also remember the movie ending with a chilling disclaimer: “The catastrophic events you have just witnessed are, in all likelihood, less severe than the destruction that would actually occur in the event of a full nuclear strike.”

Yeah, thanks for the childhood trauma, ABC.

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Bloggin’ 2015

Eye surgery in just 5 days: these *are* my glasses, so give them back to me

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So, I intend this year to start adding more content here on the old Nerdbrarian blog. Lately, though, a lot of my writing energy has been going toward writing for work, rather than the personal blog, but here are a few highlights:

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What’s right with kids these days?

Patriotic Teenagers

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I must be getting to that very special age when all my peers on Facebook begin to moan about how kids these days are swirling the bowl toward moral oblivion. And it makes me wonder if, of all the generalizations that one could possibly apply to Generation X, our having a short memory might turn out to be the most universally applicable.

So, why bring this up on a blog ostensibly about library-related matters? Because frankly, most of the handwringing assumptions about kids these days fall apart in the face of old-fashioned facts. And finding facts, that’s kind of a librarian’s jam.

Turns out, by a number of metrics, kids these days are actually much better off than they were a generation prior. No, seriously, kids today are less violent, less depressed, and less stupid about basic life decisions than they were twenty years ago. Continue reading What’s right with kids these days?

It’s that most wonderful time of the year

FCBDThe day when cheap nerds everywhere get showered with the gift of free comics. There’s a preview on the official Free Comic Book Day website of this years offerings. I definitely hope this weekend to fetch me some Mouse Guard, maybe some Judge Dredd (and try to expunge from my memory the horror of last year’s attempt at cinematic adaptation).

ETA: NPR has a “Free Comic Book Day Cheat Sheet” with recommendations of what to pick up this weekend. But, for the record, I liked comics before they were cool.