Nerdstarter: The Overspending

I may have a kickstarter problem. Several gaming-related projects have arisen over the last few weeks that seem worth supporting, all of which have already met their funding goals.

Fantasy Frontier from Gamelyn Games
Fantasy Frontier from Gamelyn Games

There are only a few days left to get in on the RPG gaming table, and you’ll have to be handy with a little light carpentry to make it worth it, but for a relatively small pledge, you’re promised plans for a clever table topper that allows all of your players their own space for books and snacks, while providing an elevated platform for your battlemat or board game.

Gamelyn games is kickstarting Fantasy Frontier, a gorgeously rendered Euro-style board game in which players pilot fantastical airships to explore and settle an uncharted frontier. Players gather resources, build townships, and fight off their rivals while collectively building a map that’s unique each game. And the artwork is stunning. Five days left on this one.

Fellow nerdbrarian Sheri was bemoaning the lack of Regency-themed games when we stumbled upon Marrying Mr. Darcy, a strategy card games in which players take up the role of a Pride and Prejudice heroine, each seeking the attention of available suitors. I’m really rooting for this one to make the $30,000 stretch goal: the bonus Undead Expansion Pack.

And, finally, for those still kicking themselves for having missed Reaper Miniatures’ original, record-breaking Bones kickstarter, they’ve returned with Reaper Miniatures Bones II. The project has already broken the million dollar mark,¬†with over three weeks still remaining. So if you need scores of more unpainted minis cluttering your hobbit hole, here’s your chance.