2012 ENnie Award Nominees Announced

The 2012 nominees for the ENnies RPG awards have been announced. I’m slightly irked that D&D, Pathfinder, and various d20 games and supplements continue to dominate, but there are a few games on the list that I had either missed entirely or not given proper attention to.

Hollowpoint by VSCA, the makers of the hard-scifi game Diaspora, had been completely off my radar, and there are a couple of pulp scifi RPGs, Cosmic Patrol by Catalyst Game Labs and Bulldogs! by Galileo Games, that I had seen at the friendly local gaming store, but hadn’t given a thorough look. Nice, though, to see at least a few small-press nominees on the list. The award ceremony for the winners will be at Gen Con in August.

Hugo nominees, Philip K. Dick winner announced

I’m a little behind, but the nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards and the winner for this year’s Philp K. Dick Award have been announced. I haven’t read the latter, Simon Morden’s Samuil Petrovich trilogy, but I was pleased to see that I’ve read three of the this year’s five Hugo nominees for best novel, including James S.A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes, which I should get around to reviewing any day now…