Chuck Wendig’s letter to publishers

I’m a big fan of Chuck Wendig’s novels, but his blog posts are likewise entertaining. Last week, he posted an open letter to publishers in which he rails against DRM and overpriced ebooks, and sticks up for libraries and independent booksellers. On libraries:

Help libraries. Help them. They’re customers. But even beyond that, they’re the drug dealers of the book world. They’re the ones giving out free samples of your work (which, to be clear,they paid for) and fostering a love of stories and a culture of books. Libraries areWilly Wonka factories where they make new readers instead of weird-ass child-endangerment candy.(Seriously, the government needs to step in and shut Wonka down. Last I heard he was drowning kids in a corn syrup river or something. He’s like a fucking Batman villain, that guy.)

Also, “DRM is for assbadgers.” The man certainly has a way with words. More on his blog.

Review: Blackbirds

I had vaguely heard of Chuck Wendig before from his having written extensively for the gaming world, most notably for White Wolf’s World of Darkness franchise and more recently for indie RPG company Evil Hat Productions, but I was mostly drawn to Blackbirds, admittedly, by some fairly impressive cover art and a decent little book trailer.

I’ve been fooled more than once by a flashy cover, though, and I’m glad that Blackbirds actually delivered. The protagonist of Blackbirds, Miriam Black is a scrappy drifter with a peculiar supernatural ability: touch anyone flesh-to-flesh, even an accidental brush of the hand, and Miriam sees in an instant every gruesome detail of how they will die. This ability, as much a curse as a superpower, leads Miriam down a gritty, bloody path toward a confrontation she knows she’s powerless to stop. Continue reading Review: Blackbirds