Great Library Ideas: The Local Music Project at ICPL

Another great library idea that’s making the rounds in the library blogs, the folks at Iowa City Public Library have been paying local bands and musicians for the right to distribute their music to library cardholders. The library pays the musicians $100 per album for a two-year period and makes the music available as DRM-free downloads.

The musicians get a little cash and much needed recognition, and the library gets content to offer their patrons conveniently online. Check out Jessamyn West’s interview with ICPL’s John Hiett over on

Day Against DRM

Day Against DRM vertical banner

You’d be forgiven for not knowing that it’s International Day Against DRM because DRM still hasn’t exactly made it into common parlance. But it’s been kinda big in the news the last week or so since the science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor/Forge announced that their ebooks will be going DRM free this July. The Library Renewal blog has a good roundup of links about the announcement and the response around the web.