Great Library Ideas: The Seed Library

Planting Fall PeasSo I’ve been an apartment dweller for most of my adult life—the reckless pursuit of advanced degrees can pretty much guarantee such a living arrangement well into your thirties—but I’ve long dreamed of having a garden of heirloom vegetables. So much so that I even went to a seminar on seed saving once, even though I didn’t have a stitch of ground in which to plant them.

All of which is just background to explain why I find this idea at the Basalt Public Library in Colorado so awesome (and others who have recently jumped in the seed-saving fray).

Now, I’m not terribly keen on how NPR spun the Basalt story, as if public libraries are in need of “saving” from anything other than over-privileged and short-sighted bureaucrats, or as if saving seeds is going to ever justify to taxpayers the public investment, but still: great idea. If public libraries can help improve food security, assist people with learning some DIY skills, and encourage communities to share, that’s fairly awesome, even apart from the rhetoric.

(Photo: Chiot’s Run)