The 2015 Hugo Controversy FAQ for Librarians

Image Credit: Cory Doctorow, CC BY 2.0

So the Hugo Awards are awarded annually at WorldCon, which this year is being hosted in my very own adopted hometown of Spokane. Except this year, long before the luminaries of sci-fi and fantasy are due to arrive, the awards process has already turned into an absolute clusterf*ck. On the other hand, this year’s awards may well prove to be the most talked-about Hugo Awards yet. Yay, us?

In any case, apart from a very brief news item in Library Journal, the mess hasn’t yet made much of an appearance in the usual library-related blogs and publications. I do think it has some important implications for librarians though, so here, in as neutral of terms as I can muster, is my 2015 Hugo Controversy FAQ for Librarians (and related book nerds). Continue reading The 2015 Hugo Controversy FAQ for Librarians

Hugo nominees, Philip K. Dick winner announced

I’m a little behind, but the nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards and the winner for this year’s Philp K. Dick Award have been announced. I haven’t read the latter, Simon Morden’s Samuil Petrovich trilogy, but I was pleased to see that I’ve read three of the this year’s five Hugo nominees for best novel, including James S.A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes, which I should get around to reviewing any day now…