Great Library Ideas: The Library Minecraft Club

Minecraft headSchool Library Journal has an interesting article on school libraries running Minecraft servers for student clubs. And given the number of people I’ve seen playing Minecraft at the public library with their meager one hour allotment of computer time, I imagine this could easily be ported to public libraries as well.

I’ll fully admit that I’ve been skeptical of the educational merit of computer games on the whole, but Minecraft actually has some neat things going for it, in case you need to persuade a recalcitrant administrator. Just getting one’s head around Redstone Circuits alone provides a basic foundation for logic, electronics, computer programming, and, OMG, Boolean operators.

C’mon, librarians, if you can’t sell the higher ups on Boolean operators, hang up your MLIS, dust off your resumé, and find a new career. Besides, you know, you can make the kids check out some books and shit when they come to use your computers.