Review: Marceline and the Scream Queens #1

I have always wanted to rock.

Circumstances, of course, conspired against me — I grew up in the beatless backwater of the Spokane Valley, I was just a few years too old to latch on to the whole Riot Grrrl thing, and the few boyfriends I had were sorely lacking in guitarsĀ or drum kits.

But now there is Marceline. With her pale blue skin, cute (but sharp!) vampire teeth and an ever-swirling cloud of inky black hair, Marceline (of Adventure Time fame and star of her own new comic series) gets to live out every guitar-thrashing fantasy I’ve ever had. Playing to a sold out crowd? Check. Kicking over mic stands amid sweet, pyrotechnic excess? Check. Having a frenemy come crawling back to say “your music is pure passion and energy and love?” Check, check, check.

Everything about this comic is endearing and feisty and girly-in-the-best-kind-of-way. I love the interaction between grumpy, excitable Marceline and straight arrow, goody-two-shoes Princess Bubblegum. It’s refreshing to read girl-centered comics, and it’s great fun to see a supporting character from one series step into the limelight in another. More, please!