Nerdstarter: The Funding

As much as I troll kickstarter lately searching for small-press RPGs to back, I figured I might as well make some use of my findings. So here’s what’s happening this week:

The seminal indie RPG Sorcerer is receiving an anniversary upgrade with annotations by the author Ron Edwards and new artwork. Only a few days left on this one, but it’s already made more than four times its goal, so might as well consider it a pre-order.

Fate Core will be the release in hardcopy of the updated FATE rules, a generic RPG system that inspired games from Spirit of the Century to Diaspora to The Dresden Files, and helped launch the indie RPG company Evil Hat. The FATE Kickstarter has already made nearly a hundred times its original goal, and when the project is completed, the pdf will be made available to everyone on a “pay what you like” basis.

Finally, the 70s RPG Tunnels and Trolls is headed toward a new edition. I’m not really an Old School Revival enthusiast myself, but, you know, different strokes. And I’m happy there are those out there keeping these things alive: Tunnels and Trolls Deluxe has already doubled its original Kickstarter goal, and for fourteen bones, you can get yourself in line for the PDF and keep the flame burning.