Review: Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody

Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody

Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody
Robert Brockway
Three Rivers Press, 2010

I stumbled upon this book while contemplating the ways the world might end for a library display on “Recommended Reading for the Post-Apocalypse,” that is, books on small-scale farming, food preservation, general off-the-grid living, and the like.

Before having read Brockway’s book, I thought myself pretty savvy to various end-of-world scenarios, but I learned a few new ways to be terrified. For example, I knew vaguely about supervolcanoes, meteorite strikes, and greenhouse gas, but this was my first exposure to the hat trick of global disasters that combines all three: the Verneshot is a hypothetical event in which a massive build up of subterranean gas launches a big ol’ piece of continent into low orbit, which reenters the atmosphere elsewhere in the manner of a massive meteorite. Meanwhile, all that built up carbon dioxide that caused the initial eruption is released into the atmosphere, pretty much wiping out whatever’s left. Oh, and there’s also a massive earthquake as the hole vacated by the explosion collapses in on itself. Lovely.

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Review: I Saw You…

I Saw You

I Saw You: Comics Inspired by Real-Life Missed Connections
Julia Wertz, Ed.
Three Rivers Press, 2009

I admit to checking the Missed Connections on Craigslist with some regularity, not so much to see if I have been mentioned (okay, maybe a little), but more out of a certain morbid curiosity. Perhaps there’s an element of Schadenfreude, but I take a little comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one who routinely squanders potential romantic opportunities and then spends an evening alone in what if speculation.

In this collection of short comics edited by Julia Wertz and inspired by Missed Connections and similar personal ads, there’s plenty of that sort of thing, people idly wondering what might have been had they not had to catch that bus or been interrupted by friends or lacked the courage to speak up, how a transitory situation played differently might have led to romance, instead of one person alone posting on Craigslist in the vain hope that it might be read by the right person.

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