Ghosts of Saltmarsh: Ioma Edition

So after toying around with the idea of running the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure in the Amnian fishing town of Kalathtyr, I got distracted and became interested in the Nelanther Isles to the west instead as a more suitable location. The isles were one of the Forgotten Realms’ lesser developed pirate settings, but saw a little post-spellplague development in the 4e era campaign setting and in the Living Forgotten Realms adventure, Sovereign of the Mines.

Ioma Town itself was a new addition to the isles as of 4e, a mining town tightly controlled by the Cowled Wizards of Amn. Like Saltmarsh, Ioma Town has potential factions built in (the Cowled Wizards and the merchant consortium that owns the mines) and a few others that could be used (the underground wizards of the Emerald Cabal, who oppose the state-authorized Cowled Wizards; the Shadow Thieves, an organized crime consortium operating out of Amn; and any number of squabbling Nelanther pirates that infest the nearby isles). It’s smaller than Saltmarsh – about 800 residents – but it has a few canon locations, including the basalt tower owned by the Cowled Wizards, and two named taverns, the Brass Lantern and the Vorpal Pickaxe.

There are two maps below, one with only the “canon” locations included and another with suggested locations for the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures. Again, feel free to use these in your home campaigns.