Map: The Somnolent Queen

I figured that the PCs in my homebrew Bronbog, adapted from the Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide, will need a way of getting from the coast and up the Dreamseep River to the village. The Somnolent Queen is a river barge that receives cargo and passengers from seafaring ships in the Dreamseep delta and transports them upriver to the village of Bronbog.

The river barge has a single mast and can move under sail when weather permits, but the often-stagnant air of the Dreamseep Marshes means the crew must frequently resort to poling the barge upriver under the direction of Roz Bellwether, the ship’s no-nonsense halfling captain.

Again, feel free to use or adapt this map for your home campaigns.

Map: The Village of Bronbog

After having read Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount (and actually having time and attention enough to finish a few episodes of Critical Role), I revisited my copy of the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting and became interested in one of its lesser detailed regions, the Dreamseep Marshlands that lie within the watershed of the Stormcrest Mountains.

The marshlands’ only settlement of note, the village of Bronbog, is built around the ruins of a temple to the sun god Pelor, and the folks of Bronbog maintain a sunny disposition despite living in the middle of an undead-haunted morass. There’s not a lot more canon detail, but a decaying settlement of hardy folks living in a haunted swamp reminded me of some contemporary Southern Gothic (like True Blood or Cherie Priest’s Eden Moore novel series), so I’m going with that as my head-canon.

I haven’t drawn many maps without an existing “canonical” reference, but after a few aborted attempts at this one with Inkscape, I decided to start with pen-and-paper instead, browsing through a lot of Dyson Logos’ drawings for inspiration. 

So this is my first drawing of a settlement on this scale that I’ve actually completed without getting distracted or rage quitting from frustration, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ve also been thinking up some homebrew NPCs, locations, and plot hooks for Bronbog as well, and I’ll share those when I get some things written up.

I’ve included both a labeled version and a generic unlabeled version in case you want to customize it for your own setting. Click on the images below for larger resolution copies, and feel free to use the map for your own home campaigns.